2021 College Scholarship Finalists

     With this is a unique time in our history, KidSingers has met the challenge to keep our kids engaged and growing and thriving. This has been a very upsetting time for our children with online education and issues of depression. Keeping the vital connection of KidSingers became a real lifeline for many of our students. This is why we did not stop. Many other after-school activities could not deal with going totally virtual, and it was not easy for KidSingers, either. But we did it! And because we made the effort, we were able to give our youth the continuity and caring they needed and deserved, to grow into the productive citizens that they are becoming.

     As you know, KidSingers was unable to end the season this year with our live Spring Concert, which always includes the awarding of our college scholarships. Since 2003, when we started this college scholarship program, we have presented nearly $150,000 to qualifying KidSingers.

     Thanks to the commitment of our dedicated supporters in this, our 24th year of service to children in our community, we will continue the tradition and award $6,000 in scholarships. We want to thank...

  • Robyn Pignone and Rowena Pelayo

  • Linda Armas Memorial Scholarship

  • Alice Stauffer

  • Brian & Sadie Finnegan

  • Richard and Ann Hutchinson

  • Randy and Patti Godshall


...for stepping up to the challenge this year and making it possible for us to honor the youth of KidSingers in this way.

     As you might enjoy a bit of this excitement, our finalists have recorded their essays for your viewing. We hope you will be as inspired as we were by the incredible resilience, wisdom, and strength these kids possess – especially during this pandemic.

     We will be announcing the winners of the scholarships soon, so be watching!