College Scholarship Recipients

College Scholarships

In 2002, KidSingers established a College Scholarship Fund to help kids earn money to attend college. For these children the idea of a college education was not even in their awareness. Now, they not only want to go to college, it is a priority to them.

To date, more than $145,000 in College Scholarships has been awarded to kids since 2002.

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Second Row: L to R – Ms. Sandy, Brittny Arceo, Mrs. Cool, Rose Diaz, Adrian Miranda, Erica Ojeda, Guillermo Velazquez, Luis Guillen, Justin Fletcher, Nancy Castaneda, Mr. Paul


Front Row: L to R – Yvonne Santibanez, Marina Guerrero, Stacey Munoz, Ana Diaz, Deanna Munoz,

2011 Scholarship Recipients

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Back Row: L to R – Guillermo Velazquez, Luis Guillen, Daniel Ayala, Justin Fletcher, Huver Miranda, Mrs. Cool, Mike Lopez

Second Row: L to R – Adrian Miranda, Alberto Rubio, Kathy Rodriguez, Nancy Castaneda, Marina Guerrero, Geovana Tapia, Daisy Santa Cruz

Front Row: L to R – Brittny Arceo, Carolanne Simon, Yvonne Santibanez, Danielle Roberts

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