Update on the Impact of COVID-19

     As we arrive at almost a year into the COVID pandemic, we at KidSingers hope you are doing well and practicing the health measures to do your part in bringing about an end to this crisis. And, now that the vaccine is available, we hope you will take every advantage of getting it. We remain hopeful and steadfast with KidSingers' mission of changing lives through the transformative power of music. As many after-school nonprofit organizations have had to shutter their doors because of COVID, we are so pleased that KidSingers can continue to serve our precious young singers this coming Spring of 2021 with ZOOM rehearsals and virtual performances.
ZOOM Rehearsals

     Now that we have the experience in the Fall of 2020 with our newly organized in-person rehearsals moving to Zoom, we will continue to build on those skills and work toward more impactful virtual rehearsals where kids can continue to learn and benefit from our professional staff. We know that as a team, we can do much to continue KidSingers’ motto of "harmony for a better world."
Events and Performances
     We will be offering virtual performances by the middle of May of Disney favorites and KidSingers standard repertoire.

Fall 2021 Rehearsals
     Hopefully in the Fall 2021, we will be able to return to in-person rehearsals and schedule in-person concerts. What a joy that will be!

Together we can do it!
     Yes we can! Even during this unprecedented and challenging time, we can make a difference in the fabric of our society when we practice KidSinger principles of tolerance, respect and love. Together, we will continue to give our gift of music to a world in need of hope and renewal. From all of us at KidSingers, we are grateful for your love, continued support, and best wishes.
With gratitude,
Paul and the KidSinger family 

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