Kids' Responses

“I learned that we can achieve anything we want only if we try to achieve it.”


“I’ve learned to express myself and communicate with others.”


“The staff helps you learn to achieve the things you want in life, to realize being in harmony is best for everyone and when you work together you can accomplish more things.”


What I like about KidSingers is that it gives me confidence


Without KidSingers I wouldn’t have had the confidence that I have now. KidSingers has also been like a second home, and it has been a place in which I feel supported and loved.


Teachers' Responses

KidSingers (KS) definitely played a very important role in her self-confidence, academic success, and social skill development.

He has gained maturity since joining KS. I definitely think KS has had a great impact on him. And it gives him a positive way funnel his energy & talent.

She has blossomed…. she has a confidence & self-assurance that comes with sharing & developing a talent that permeates all areas of life.

His self-esteem & academics have improved & he keeps a positive attitude. KS has a great impact on him. He is a role model for other students & his citizenship is outstanding.

He has come out of his shell, he is enthusiastic about school & is involved in extra- curricular activities such as student council. KS has helped him make friends & reinforced the idea of treating people with kindness & respect.

Parents' Responses

She is more respectful with others, more fair & kind, more confident, more positive. Thinking about the group keeps her busy, and that is a blessing to keep her mind off unhealthy things like drugs & gangs.

Shows her teamwork is what count – each person is important, each voice can contribute to a beautiful song. You are never alone when you include music in your life.

She is more disciplined, amicable, and her grades have improved. She is more responsible. It brings us together. She has more interest in family ties.

KS makes her feel important, and makes her think she can become someone important in the future. Makes us be more together & talk.

She feels more loved because we can show her our support by taking her back & forth to concerts and rehearsals. It helps our family to help each other, and to respect each other….to unify us.

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